2. 月の都の歴史
  3. 日本遺産 構成文化財群(英語)
  4. 姨捨駅 駅舎(英語)

JR Obasute Station House
Tangible Cultural Property [non-registered]

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Obasute Station on the JR Shinonoi Line is configured in an unusual “switchback” formation.The station house was built in 1934.
With its spectacular view of the Chikuma River valley and the Zenkoji Plain, the station is considered one of Japan’s Top 3 Views from the Train Window. From the platform, you can see the moon rising over Mt. Kyodai making the station perfect for moon-viewing.
(Location: Obasute)

【Top 3 Views from the Train Window】
Hokkaido – Nemuro Line, after crossing the Karikachi Pass for the view of the Tokachi Plain (out of service since 1966)
Kumamoto Pref – Kyushu Hisatsu Line near Yatake Station for the view of Ebino Highlands and the Kirishima Range
Nagano Pref – Shinonoi Line near Obasute Station for the view of the Zenkoji Plain