2. 月の都の歴史
  3. 日本遺産 構成文化財群(英語)
  4. 歌川広重作 浮世絵(英語)

Work of art by Hiroshige Utagawa
Woodblock Print
“Shinano Sarashina Tagoto no Tsuki Kyodai-san”
Tangible Cultural Property [non-registered]

≪Whimsical Art from the Past - Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print -≫ 
From Hiroshige’s Famous Views of the 60-odd Provinces series, “The Moon Reflected in the Sarashina Rice Terraces, Mount Kyodai”.
The moon is depicted as reflecting in the surface of each rice paddies. Made towards the end of Hiroshige’s life (in 1850s), and exemplifying his skill and whimsical heart, this print helped make the Obasute Rice Terraces famous for “Tagoto no Tsuki” (Moon reflecting in the individual paddies).
(Location:Chikuma City History and Cultural Artifacts Center collection.)