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  4. 鏡台山(英語)

Mt. Kyodai
Famous Spot [non-registered]

≪ Moon-Viewing Alive Today - Legendary Locale - ≫
1,269m tall mountain on the right bank of the Chikuma River. “Kyodai” means ‘Mirror Stand’ and when the harvest moon rises, if viewed from the Obasute Rice Terraces it appears as a mirror with the mountain as its stand.
Poet master Basho Matsuo immortalized the scene of the full moon rising over Mt. Kyodai in haiku, as did the woodblock print artist Hiroshige Utagawa in his work.
In ancient times the moon shining over Mt. Kamuriki was romanticized but in the Edo Period it was the moon rising over Mt. Kyodai that caught everyone’s fancy, showing how moon-viewing has shifted over the years.
(Location: Right Bank of the Chikuma River)