2. 月の都の歴史
  3. 日本遺産 構成文化財群(英語)
  4. 冠着神社と遥拝所(英語)

Kamuriki Shrine and Prayer Spots
Tangible Cultural Property and Historical Spot [non-registered]

≪ Lessons on Life from our Generations Past - Moon-Related Worship - ≫
This shrine dedicated to the Shinto god Tsukiyomi no Mikoto was built atop Mt. Kamuriki in 1754. Locals continue to gather for a ceremony at the mountain’s base at the end of every July.
During the Meiji Era, in discussions of Mt. Kamuriki’s association with the Obasute-yama legend, a secondary prayer spot was built at the base of the mountain in 1893. The next year a stone memorial for prayer was erected in Inariyama.
(Location: Haneo)