2. 月の都の歴史
  3. 日本遺産 構成文化財群(英語)
  4. 月待ち行事 二十三夜塔(英語)

Moon-Anticipation Ceremony 23rd Eve Monument
Tangible Cultural Property (non-registered)

≪ Lessons on Life from our Generations Past - Moon-Related Worship - ≫
Throughout the city there are 50 stone monuments engraved with “Nijusan Ya” which means the Night of the 23rd, referring to a tradition of gathering on the 23rd day of the month in anticipation of the full moon. The tradition continues today in Inariyama.
(Pictured is the monument near the Torii gate of Inariyama’s Haruta Shrine.)
(Location:Various locations throughout the city)