2. 月の都の歴史
  3. 日本遺産 構成文化財群(英語)
  4. 稲荷山の街なみと祇園祭(英語)

Inariyama Historical Townscape and Gion Festival
National Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings
City Intangible Folk Cultural Property

≪ Lessons on Life from our Generations Past - Moon-Related Worship - ≫
Inariyama flourished as a post town on the old road to Zenkoji Temple. The Gion Festival had been held to pray for prosperity until it faded away after the Zenkoji Earthquake in 1847. The festival was brought back in the Meiji Era and continues today. When the town was rebuilt after the earthquake and resulting fire, many earthen-walled storehouses were built to withstand fire. The main streets are lined with Machiya-style houses while the storehouses can be seen in the back alleys, making for a pleasant neighborhood to stroll and explore.
(Location: Inariyama)